Expanding Women's Leadership with Inclusive Approaches: Breaking the Glass Ceiling 2.0



Leadership, Gender, Equality


Despite significant progress in advancing gender equality, the glass ceiling continues to provide a significant obstacle for many women seeking leadership positions. Multifaceted strategies, including the adoption of inclusive legislation, mentorship programmes, and proactive diversity initiatives, are needed to address this situation. Ensuring equal opportunities for women is largely dependent on inclusive policy. It is essential to have fair and transparent procedures that remove bias in hiring, promoting, and compensating employees (Eagly & Carli, 2007). The development of women's leadership potential is greatly aided by mentoring programmes. Studies show that they have a favourable effect on confidence-building and job advancement (Ragins & McFarlin, 1990). Encouraging an inclusive organisational culture requires proactive diversity initiatives. Diverse leadership teams foster greater innovation and creativity (Cox & Blake, 1991).




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