Editorial Policy

Archieve Management and Social Sciences (AMSS) has worked in business, economics, behaviour, management and social sciences. AMSS aims to publish insightful, innovative, impactful research on the international market. AMSS is multidisciplinary in scope.

AMSS seeks to publish manuscripts that use cutting-edge research that breaks new ground. Manuscripts should address real-world issues and recognize that their contributions stand on the shoulders of researchers to highlight. 

AMSS only publishes manuscripts that criticize previous work after providing new insights into how the limitations of previous work can be resolved. AMSS is interested in papers that are constructive and suggest how our established theories or received understandings of issues.

Hence, a paper is applicable for AMSS when the core argument is developed and examined, which is not judged by the nature of the data used in any accompanying empirical investigation. 

AMSS is an interdisciplinary journal that welcomes submissions from scholars in business, management, disciplines (e.g., accounting, banking, finance, leadership, management, marketing), behaviour, social sciences and other disciplines (e.g., economics, law, sociology, psychology) if the manuscripts fall within the AMSS domain statement. 

AMSS allows the publication of review articles and original manuscripts and does not publish teaching materials/methods. Manuscripts that make no theoretical contribution or have no specific relevance to the domains should not be sent to AMSS. 

Submissions to AMSS must follow the journal’s Style Guide APA, including formatting, length and references. Poorly written or structured papers will be promptly returned to the authors.